Our philosophy at Wellness Within Chiropractic is based on premium quality, personalized treatments for each and every patient. Honesty and sincerity is a merit that is continuously strived for during each office visit. Our ultimate goal is to get as many patients as possible back to health and to maintain their health. We practice with the aim of restoring health by correcting the vertebral subluxation complex, thereby allowing the body's own innate healing capacity to take over, and therefore we do not treat conditions or diseases per se. In other words, although we may have a patient with low back pain or headaches, we are interested in that patient's total health and well-being and maintaining their optimum level of health for the rest of their life. Our aim is for holistic health care of a vitalistic nature. The fact is that the innate or inborn intelligence of the body, given all the factors to maintain and repair itself, will do so, provided it has a normally functioning nervous system. We endeavour to accomplish this with our patients by removing any such nerve interference caused by vertebral subluxations.

Office Hours

Due to COVID 19 our office hours have changed. We will update further as things normalize.

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